E. Coli and Yeast Incubation

I’m showing Alex some sterile technique and how to inoculate yeast and e. coli via liquid media and solid (agar) media.

Today we plucked a few colonies of yeast from our starter batch (which may need to be replenished soon) and streaked the cells onto some YPD plates. One plate is in an incubator/shaker at 24C and the other is sitting at RT. We also inoculated a colony in 10mL of YPD.

For the E. coli, we did essentially the same thing, but we are doing 1 plate of LB media (agar) and 1 10mL test tube of LB broth.

Tomorrow we will try for some OD readings, and then we will try to setup time point growth experiments. It should be noted this is all in regular H2O. Right now I want Alex to get familiar with the process and then we will start doing some DDW and D2O studies probably in a couple of weeks.