Yeast genome found… potentially

Ok so was kinda complicated to navigate, but once I noticed a handy little link on the top of the site named “Download” then it was much easier. Here are some notes:

  • From the main page click Download. Then click Sequence. On that page is a list of genomes that aren’t S. cerevisiae (something cool for later maybe), and a list of sequence files that are of the reference strain S288C (which I have no understanding of).
  • On that page I clicked genomic_releases/ to get a list of updates for the yeast genome. I’m thinking Larry probably downloaded the most recent at the time which is from June 5, 2008, but I can also see him just picking whatever is at the top (which may have been the same file, it is only labeled “Current Release”).
  • I realize I could have just linked one of those links, but what kind of notebook would this be if I didn’t show you my entire train of thought? A shitty one, that’s what kind!
  • You will need 7-zip to open the downloaded sequence because it is saved as a “.tzg”.
  • I’m also downloading the most recent update to the genome, maybe this will be useful for the matching aspect of the simulation. The date on this file is Feb 3, 2011.