The Human Genome

Took me more time than necessary because googling “human genome sequence” does not bring up exactly what you’d expect. But I found downloadable human genome sequence data and honestly have no clue what is contained in these files. They are all zipped but labeled .mfa.gz (the .gz is the zipped part), and have no idea what .mfa could be. Shut yo mouth!

Anyways here is what I found:

  • List of all chromosomes and some extra stuff – there are two copies of each chromosome, which makes sense in the human body but not here. One is .fa.gz and the other is .mfa.gz. Hmmm…
  • List of everything – with lots of stuff I don’t understand.

Since one chromosome is as big or larger than the entire yeast genome I think I’ll just “chop up” one chromosome and match some random stuff from that, if we decide to go that route.