Cool videos from looking at lichen sample



Here are a few videos that I made yesterday that I tried uploading to BenchFly but am having issues with my account so I refrained. I uploaded one to Youtube and the other two I just put here for you to download. One video is almost 2 GB so I’m leaving that in the closed science regime until I can get the kinks with BenchFly worked out.

The youtube video is of a dead insect (with wings) that was floating in the sample. I looked around the “fly” for a while and noticed a swarm of microbes in the area highlighted in the video. Use fullscreen to see it better. I have no idea what the microbes are doing, but there are tons of them.

The other two videos are of a microbe moving itself around the sample. I noticed that whatever the organism uses for motility has quite a large reach. You can see it in the videos, local environment particles will be perturbed in the direction of the microbe as the microbe moves toward those particles. Whatever the microbe is using for motility is not visualized in the movie, however. These two videos will need to be downloaded to your local machine (right click -> “save link as”), unless WP added some sort of streaming option to uploaded videos.