Yeast Update

I realized that I left stuff in the incubator all through the weekend into today. When I checked my samples, there was a ton of growth. So much so that the cultures on the dish were 3D and the liquid culture I had had some amorphous yeast blob on the bottom. It was pretty crazy. I poured that stuff down the drain and I’ll make a new culture in the morning (since I won’t be here tomorrow afternoon to check it out, plus I’m out of autoclaved test tubes).

  • Bill Hooker

    “I poured that stuff down the drain” — you mean “I autoclaved that sucker dead dead dead and THEN poured it down the drain” — right?

    • Anthony Salvagno

      Oh man, I wish I did. The truth is the bio lab that I was trained in used to just tell me to pour all that stuff down the drain and I always thought there should be a better waste protocol than that. I had just assumed since they were biologists and I was a physicist they knew best so I shouldn’t argue, although I did inquire the first few times I was instructed to do as they told.

      So in short… Um… yea, that’s exactly what I did.