#juniorlab Lecture 4: @labview part 2 #sciencescribe

Lecture by Steve Koch, illustrated by Anthony Salvagno (me!).

I need to take better pictures of these sketch notes. Today I had to use my phone to take the picture and I guess it’s alright, but not optimal.

Anyway it should be noted that this isn’t the entire lecture. The class began with a recap of the last homework assignment which was to live tweet a colloquium. I lead the discussion so I was not able to sketchnote the first half of the class, but the discussion led to some labview coding and I was able to sketch that. We talked about data acquisition today and how to improve data acquisition.

So the content is a little less, but I think the note is better because of it.

Aside: I really like using tweet notation in my titles because my notebook posts autopublish to twitter. However, for some reason I find it really strange that I do this. I don’t really know why. Maybe because to my visitors not from twitter (and there are a lot) it must seem like a foreign language.