Talk by Kirk Rector, illustration by Anthony Salvagno (me!).

#sciencescribe Time-lapse chemical microscopy using intracellular chemical nanosensors

Talk by Kirk Rector, illustration by Anthony Salvagno (me!).

This sketch note was almost disastrous. I had ambitiously decided I was ready to begin sketch noting scientific talks that were more than just conceptual. I actually thought about how I could capture this over the entire talk, because I knew at some point there would be data and analysis and I didn’t think I could capture those concepts visually.

Then the talk began and things started flowing. But I hit a snag when the speaker blew through the introduction rather quickly and I started missing key concepts. Then eventually I hit a mental block and couldn’t properly translate what was being said into images.

But I powered through it and created this masterpiece full of subtle mistakes. Hope you are able to learn from this talk, which was kinda interesting. The speaker had developed a technique to use fluorophores as a pH sensor which I found quite intriguing. Oddly enough, the design of this sketch note is light years more advanced than the design technology they used for their detection. Some of the pictures they used looked poorly photoshopped and these were images they were acquiring from their own camera!

It was interesting nonetheless.