#sciencescribe Sketch Notes from #scio12

I’ve mentioned this before and tweeted about it a couple times, but there was a session at ScienceOnline 2012 that taught conference attendees the practice of sketch noting. Perrin Ireland (@experrinment) hosted the session and then encouraged all who attended to practice during the conference. We would even get our work publicized.

So in the next series of posts I’m going to publish the sketch notes from the conference. I’ve also been inspired to continue to practice my sketch note skills and I’ll be posting sketch notes from lectures, seminars, colloquium, etc until the day I graduate (and hopefully beyond).

To start I’m going to share my sketch note of the sketch note session. I was practicing as I was learning. I’m also posting the sketch note Perrin created of the session that I moderated with Jean-Claude Bradley (Open Notebook Science). Check them out in the gallery below.

  • Jean-Claude Bradley

    Awesome ONS sketches!  Really captures the key elements of the session

    • http://www.iheartanthony.com Anthony Salvagno

      Yea, Perrin did a great job! And she taught me well.

  • Anonymous

    I want to learn more about this. I take fairly good, linear, written notes. Lately, I’ve been adding a little sketch here and there. This technique could be so helpful for some of my classes.