Is it the water?

We have this big unanswered question with regards to the DDW experiments. Are we seeing effects because of the difference between D and H, or are we seeing effects based on differences in the source of the waters? DDW is purchased, and our DI is manufactured in house via our EasyPure RoDI system (see experiments’ product details page).

To (hopefully) answer this question I’m going to setup a cuvette experiment similar to the current experiments using different DI water sources only. I just purchased 2 different waters from Sigma (see W4502 and W3500). I’m not quite sure what the differences are between those two specifically but here is a table that pretends to be informative.

On top of that I just purchased some new parts for our RoDI system (needed a new prefilter and UV lamp) and so I will test this water against that. And finally I will use the CHTM DI water system as a source as well.

Seems like it’s fixing to be a great experiment.

  • Anonymous

    What do you think about running Ft-IR scans on the different types of DI water that you are using? We would probably have to run it at 128 scans instead of 32 to really see any differences. This will take a little longer, but we should get extremely accurate results. Maybe we would want to try 64 scans first. Thoughts?

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