Grant writing for open science/open notebook science

How on earth do I write a grant?

How on earth do I write a grant to host a fellowship program?

How on earth do I write a grant to host a fellowship program that teaches undergraduate (and graduate) students to utilize open science as a mandatory aspect of their education?

I have no expertise in this, but it seems like a very logical step in my pursuit of busting science open. In order for labs to adopt this principle they would need incentive, and what better incentive than free students/money? And what better way to train future scientists to do future science then to give them money? And who better to teach those future scientists than those leading the way in the field?

So who’s with me? I’m assuming I would need a PI on the grant, or maybe not. I would love to be in charge of this project, but understand the necessities that may exist otherwise. Perhaps we could do a inter-university program? Some kind of IGERT program, or REU program would be ideal I think.

The opportunities about this venture completely excite me and I want to get on this now.

But how do I go about it? Please help…

  • Stevekochscience

    REU focused on open science would be a slam dunk. If I had tenure, I would be a great PI, but won’t know for a couple months. it would also be great for our department. Kudos to you for thinking about this, let’s talk more.

    • Anthony Salvagno

      I want to talk more. If only I had this idea before your tenure talk, because this could definitely help your position. Anyways I would like to get as many people on it as possible and I actually think an IGERT or something geared for graduate students would be slightly better because they do the bulk of the research (compared to undergrads) and PI’s wouldn’t be able to say no if their work force is mandated to do open science. I don’t.

      I will talk to Linda Bugge and/or Heather Armstrong to find out if they can tell me about the process and how to begin and proceed.