#scio12 @lifeandscience museum tour pictures!

At ScienceOnline, Friday afternoon was filled with a variety of fun things to get out and do (everyday had a ton to do, but Friday was especially special). There were a few museum things to do and a bunch of tech demos. All of which can be found here and here (search techno blitz demo and click that). I got to visit the Museum of Life and Science to tour the facility and meet some new peop… friends.

The pictures that I took (and some others) can be found on my photo site. From that page, just click next page and you’ll see the pics I took. Feel free to download the images, as I attribute all my stuff CC – attribution. To view the full size image, click an image to see a slightly larger version (from the thumbnails) and then click the link on the right that says “Full Size Image.” Simple!

It was a ridiculously fun experience. I got to hold a baby alligator, take a picture with a bear (minus the mauling), get up close with a bunch of lemurs, and play with and see a ton of other creatures. The others in the group were great and it was awesome to meet such a great group. I always get lucky and end up with a spectacular group of people to bond with.

Later today (when I get home) I’ll upload my 3 favorite animal pics from the site, just for poops and giggles. Stay tuned… and come back the rest of the week as I collect my thoughts from the conference and jot ideas down here.