DDW4: Day 27

I asked Koch to take pictures of the plants for me while I am out of town. Here are his notes regarding the experience:

Wasn’t sure of your camera settings. I had trouble with depth of focus, so I chose aperture priority (“A”)
and F=22, which seemed to work OK. I didn’t want to change your zoom, so I didn’t. I took pictures of bottoms
until half way through when I realized to take tops too (so two pictures each for arabidopsis). This was a
mistake, but since I don’t know if the photos are useful, I’m stopping now.

Photos are labeled TYPE CUVETTE_NUMBERS UP/DOWN and I left in the actual photo number, as follows

1 VG cuvettes 1-3
2 VG cuvettes 4-6
3 VG cuvettes 7-9
4 VG cuvettes 10-12 (DI, TAP)

5 H cuvettes 1-3
6 H cuvettes 4-6
7 H cuvettes 7-9
8 H cuvettes 10-12 DOWN (DI, TAP)
9 H cuvettes 10-12 UP (DI, TAP)

10,11 CA cuvettes 1-3 UP, DOWN
12,13 CA cuvettes 4-6 DOWN, UP
14,15 CA cuvettes 7-9 UP, DOWN
16,17 CA cuvettes 10-12 DOWN, UP (DI, TAP)


Thanks Koch for the help!