FTIR data on FigShare

I’ve uploaded the data to FigShare so that makes me cool!

The next phase of this experiment would be to setup some sort of equipment training for Alex and myself and to get room access. This way we could schedule ourselves to use the machine and not have to burden Stephen for his time.

Then I think I want to organize the experiment so that we take data perhaps once a week with a sample of DDW and a sample of D2O that are left out for several weeks. Then we can compare the samples over time to watch as the deuterium content adjusts to become similar to normal water.

I suppose I should also analyze a sample of tap water and compare that to the DI and DDW samples. Tap water would have more contaminants in it than either of those two samples and hopefully those would show up in the FTIR results. I do have to say that I’m surprised that the 3-month old DDW sample had the exact same profile as the DI water sample. That made me feel more certain that DDW is probably made from DI water first.

Anyways here is the open data:

  • http://stevekochscience.blogspot.com Steve Koch

    Can you add the new figure to your figshare page (which is comprehensive and awesome, BTW!)