FT-IR Preplanning Thread

I want to get some ft-ir studies off the ground. First experiment would be to just see if FT-IR spectroscopy reveals differences better natural water, DDW, and D2O. Comment for ideas…

  • http://www.iheartanthony.com Anthony Salvagno

    I’ve found a couple of places to get cuvettes from. I’ll link them tomorrow (working from home today) since they are open on firefox in lab. The one thing I’m not sure about is should I get a regular cuvette (1cm by 1cm) or go with a more expensive thin cuvette. The difference lies in what spectral range I want to study. Water isn’t very absorbant in the NIR range and the square cuvettes work well up to about 3um. Beyond that I’m told water is very absorbant (I can’t find anything in the literature that spells this out for me) and would need to go with specially made cuvettes that would be up to around 100um thick.

  • http://www.iheartanthony.com Anthony Salvagno

    The first experiments like I mentioned above would just be discerning differences between DDW and D2O from normal DI water. Then I would go from there. 

    Stephen Myers from Sanjay Krishna’s lab at CHTM is graciously helping with FT-IR studies. I have the model number of the machine written down in lab, will add that tomorrow when I go in.