Analytics Monday: Week of 11/28/11

This was a big week for my notebook. For some reason on Friday I had 100 page views! WP stats won’t give me enough detail to track what people were looking at, but GA gave me a little more insight. WP told me that there were over 50 views to the main page, but Analytics actually says there were less visits to that page and that there was more surfing than usual.

Interestingly there were only 18 visitors, which means that several people (or one person) spent a considerable time browsing. And I know that it isn’t anyone from the lab because there are no views from anywhere in NM! It’s also good to know that the visitors were able to navigate easily enough, especially because the day before I posted an article about the potential importance of user experience in an open notebook.

With that said here are the pageviews for the week:

I’m looking to expand this study a bit so if anyone has any ideas I’d love to hear them.