Impact: Analytics for week of 10/31/11

I’m still trying to figure out how to direct this experiment. I think right now I’m just going to compare the analytics tools to ensure they are similar in results and are reliable. If something ever prominent happens (like the research here gets cited or something) I’ll try and show proof through the analytics. Right now this is just raw data that is noteworthy, but not for any particular reason.

Here are the Site Stats Comparison (in Page Views):


  • There was a noticeable amount of traffic last week from searches that involved OpenPCR. I wrote a series of posts about building the device and troubleshooting. The guys over at OpenPCR loved it, and I’ve been getting hits sporadically relating to those posts, but this past week almost every day I had a hit relating to those posts. Hopefully they are useful to people.
  • Someone also searched “eee transformer useful” and came to this site. I most certainly didn’t say in my post on the tablet (Asus Eee Pad Transformer) that the device was useful so I’m assuming they got that message. I still don’t like tablets and feel they have a long way to go. In related news I learned that the chromebooks have been on sale for a little while. I would much rather have one of those. Maybe I should try it out.
  • Someone also searched “tobacco seeds microscope.” That warms my heart because that size comparison study was pretty well done (with rulers and everything) and I hope the person who searched that got what they were looking for. I wish people would leave comments though so I had some sort of feedback.

There isn’t much else to report this week. I got a lot of hits from twitter again and some from Steve’s blog. The main page was the most looked at page, but a close second was the setup for RC4 and surprisingly Alex was not the majority of those hits. Wednesday was a huge spike in traffic and I can’t explain why and Google Analytics and WordPress stats don’t correlate very well on that day either (46 vs 71 views).