DDW Effects on Life Try 2: Day 3

I’m going to shorten this title to DDW Effects 2: Day X and it should be noted that I won’t post every day. Just as things happen. It’s not critical for this experiment that we track growth or time. I’m just noting phenotypical differences in the development, like the hair. I’ll be posting a setup page soon and that will contain all the information pertaining to this project.

This first post is a picture of the seeds and some have already begun to sprout. I didn’t have the abilities to take Day 0 pictures because my station was torn to shreds (I was redesigning a way to easily take pictures of every sample for this and the RC experiment). Now everything is up and running and should proceed smoothly. Here are the pictures:

Some shorthand explanation: the caption format is “seed subspecies, water type”

  • vg – virginia gold; dv – dark virginia
  • ddw – deuterium depleted water; di – deionized water; tap – tap water; d2o – deuterium oxide
  • “33% d2o in xx” means I mixed 33% d2o with xx water (either ddw or di water) by volume. For instance in 3mL of sample, 1mL is d2o and the other 2mL are the water type specified.