Repeating Crumley Try 2: Day 0

I’m going to start naming this series RC2: Day X so it’s a little shorter for me to type out. Notice there are two new samples to keep track of. I’m doing percentages of D2O in both DI water and deuterium depleted water.

Post about setup is coming soon and so will the live results page.

  • Steve Koch

    Are the samples still leaking?  I am worried about seeds touching the meniscus (and also would be worried if seeds aren’t totally submerged.  I’m pretty sure you’ve sealed these guys now but can’t tell from this post of course.  If so, though, it looks like you need more water?

    What is status on new seeds? Fresh tobacco seeds that are better protected from light and heat (in our lab at least) and also very eager for Arabidopsis. 

    • Anthony Salvagno

      I tried sealing the chambers, but I don’t think it worked too well. It appears that the leaking is still going. I started another batch of experiments and sealed those up (hopefully well) and there is almost no air in those samples (except one but it is much better then when I first started with the older ones).

      I’m not sure what the status for new seeds are. But we need them soon. I spilled some D2O on the remainder of ours and had to dispose of them all (well all the Dark Virginia variety). I’ll find out the status of the order tomorrow.