99.9% d2o

Repeating Crumley: Day 5

Two very important things to note:

  1. There is still nothing growing in the sample with no seeds.
  2. I’m not sure when to start counting the seeds in 66% D2O, it seems that there are definitely some seeds that are showing initial signs of germination, but nothing obvious (like an extended radicle). I’ll compare this picture to the day 3 images when I considered those seeds to have begun germintion.
  3. Also note that yesterday I didn’t look at the seeds until around 5pm, and today I’m looking at them at 10am. Obviously much less time has passed between now and yesterday than yesterday and the day before.
  • http://stevekochscience.blogspot.com Steve Koch

    Looking good, I love that you’re repeating Crumley in real time.  Do you notice any phenotypical differences between DDW/DI/D2O?  I can’t tell from the photos.  Are the white hairs still there?

    • http://www.iheartanthony.com Anthony Salvagno

      I haven’t noticed any phenotype changes yet. It might still be too early to tell since the sprouts are literally just poking out, but today’s results should reveal more. I’ll post any available info in the post for today.

    • http://www.iheartanthony.com Anthony Salvagno

      Also, I originally wasn’t planning on doing it in real time, but I thought about it and then I argued with myself over whether I should do it or not. Finally I came to the realization that because I thought about it at all means I should do it for the sake of having the best notebook in the world!

  • Bill Hooker

    Do you have close-up photos of the seeds?  It might be useful to take photos of “typical” specimens from each plate, along with a few examples of “this is what I call germinated”, “this is what I am calling an extended radicle”, etc.  If you have a way to express the results quantitatively (eg germinated/total, average length of sprout), that will take care of the timing — just plot vs. hours instead of days, which for such a rapid process you probably should do anyway.

    • http://stevekochscience.blogspot.com Steve Koch

      Definitely agree with Bill’s points here!

    • http://www.iheartanthony.com Anthony Salvagno

      Hey Bill, sorry for the delay in replying. I sort of incorporated what you said in my Day 6 results, but only by explaining my thinking. In the spreadsheet (see Crumley Spreadsheet post) I do keep track of total seeds and germinated numbers every day. Also I decided not to plot in hours originally because I felt if I plotted in hours I would have to do hourly pictures and hourly updates (which is probably just a mental thing on my part). I didn’t think that was doable right now so I just stuck with plotting vs days. I did buy these things called cellattice which are gridded cover slips that I can use to measure the growth of the seeds. Right now I have no easy way to measure because I don’t want to remove seeds from the solution (in case there is sufficient hydrogen exchange) and I don’t want to remove the lids for the same reason, but I’m going to restart the ddw experiments pretty soon and will incorporate this into that. Thanks for all your suggestions, and thanks for taking the time to visit the notebook! I really appreciate it!

      Oh and I’ll definitely try and get some better close up images of typical specimens either today or tomorrow. But what I have above is the best that I have right now. I want to get them on the microscope to try and get good close ups. Right now the webcam is the best I have (I was using a dslr and a macro lens, but I couldn’t look at the pictures I was taking until way after I took them which was too difficult a process). They are actually 10MP images so at full size you might be able to get some decent information. See my tag on tips, there is a note about getting to the full size images from wordpress’s compression.

  • http://stevekochscience.blogspot.com Steve Koch

    It looks like the water is evaporating and some of the seeds are in the meniscus?  If so, that’s a big deal–had you said these dishes were air tight?