Setup with webcam

Repeating Crumley: Day I Part 2

These pictures are setup as in picture 1 (with a computer attached to the webcam). The webcam is a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 with the capability to take 10MP images and record in full 1080p.

I took one picture of each sample and then discovered that I could increase the image resolution and manually control the focus and some other properties, so I took one more (the second picture of the 66% D2O sample). From the looks of it, the image quality is more than enough for this experiment. And also between the identical pictures (with different settings) the resolution difference doesn’t make that much of a difference.

Opinions, comments, questions? Drop ’em like their hot…

  • Steve Koch

    This looks really good.  I haven’t looked at all the pictures yet, but definitely looks like within a week you’ll have some Crumley repeated.  Good time to make pages / link to the product deatails for the water?

    • Anthony Salvagno

      I added the product details to the water on this page:
      Should I make a Product Page that is a separate and permanent link at the top of the blog (it would be next to the home button on top)?