Kinesin Aggregation Trial

Kinesin aggregation data in D2O from 25C to 60C

Well here is the kinesin data. I forgot that I hadn’t put it on Google Docs, but it was stored locally on my machine. The problem is now fixed and is uploaded to the Docs. You can find the data for that image above here:


That is a sloppy composite of a bunch of files. Kenji and I set the dynamic light scattering (DLS) machine to ramp up to a temp, wait at that temp until 20 data points were taken (each data point took about 5 seconds), and then ramp up to the next temp. The data does not start recording until the sample temp matches the set temp. The machine takes every temp set and makes a new file for them so all data at 25C is one, 30C is another, and so on. So I took all the .csv files and copy and pasted the intensity and time data into one file, which is what I linked to above. The rest of the files are appropriately named after the temperature that the data was taken at and can be found in this folder here:

Kinesin Aggregation Data Folder

Good luck with that. I’m going to honestly say that we had no clue what happened in the sample above. The intensity profile didn’t make any sense to us. So we just said inconclusive and congratulated ourselves on wasting $300 in an imprecise and inefficient way. Maybe that data will be useful to one of you…