Un-Presoaked Dark Virginia seeds in DDW (front view)

Another Update on the Tobacco Seeds

I was going to use this space to compare the two different lenses, but I was so enthralled with the quality of the one 10x lens (from Opteka) that I ended up just taking a bunch of pictures with the one lens and thought I would share it all with you.

I tried to do some reading on the subject over the weekend, but it appears there is a term called root hairs that appear during growth of the primary root (which is what the radicle turns into). Now the books I read were limited in their germination physiology but at least I now have a foothold.

I did note while taking the pictures that in every case, the DDW seeds had the most root ‘fro, then the DI water seeds, and then the tap water seeds had the least. I still think this is a product of lack of nutrients, but there may be something in the question “Why would the root fro be more prominent in deuterium depleted water than in deionized water?” They are both pure, but maybe ddw is more pure than di water? Something to investigate I think.

I encourage you to enlarge every picture up there and see the amazing resolution one attains with the Nikon D40.