OpenPCR Reaction Try 2

1% Gel Stained with Sybr Safe

Today I ran the same reaction that I ran on Friday, this time I did two sets of reactions. One set, I put in the OpenPCR machine and the other set I placed in our Thermo thermal cycler. The image on the left shows the results. Lanes 1-5 contain the samples from the OpenPCR machine (Lane 5 also contains a 1kb ladder), and lanes 6-10 contain the samples from the Thermo machine. The bands are brighter towards the top than towards the bottom because I stained prior to running the gel (and the stain runs in the opposite direction from the DNA). I tried to post-stain for about 15 min to improve image quality.

Notice that the bands are all the same length and the same brightness, which was not the case in the reaction from last week. The spreadsheet of the reaction can be found below.