OpenPCR Reaction Results

Here are the results of the reaction that I posted earlier today. In lane 1 is a 1kb DNA ladder. The second visible band from the bottom is 1kb in length. The next band is 1.5kb. Lanes 2-6 are each 10ul (mixed with 2ul of 6x loading buffer) from their respective PCR reaction tubes (all the same reaction). Lane 2 clearly worked the best, while lane 3 apparently contained a failed reaction. The other lanes (4-6) worked well enough in this test run. And as you can see, since the band travel distance is right between the 1kb and 1.5kb mark, that puts these fragments at right around 1.1kb (primers annealed at ~980 and 2008 on the template strand). More tests will need to be conducted in the future, but the preliminary results appear quite promising.

Note: It should be noted that this gel does not display a PCR reaction after cleanup. I went straight from the thermal cycler to the gel. The faint bands at the bottom of the image are the primers used in the PCR reaction.