V Gold in DI water

Pre-soaked tobacco seeds early stage growth

Note: There is some wordpress gallery error that won’t display the second and third picture captions. They are: 2. Dark V in Tap Water. 3. Dark V in DI Water

These images are from the presoaked tobacco seeds. I soaked them in their respective buffers (deuterium depleted water (DD water), tap water, and deionized water (DI water)), and then stored them in the fridge (4C) for 5 days in case there is any drastic chemical exchange between the seed and the water (which would change the buffer). It appears that the deuterium depleted water has started sprouting first in both cases, which is speculative but noteworthy. Also the branching that I noted in the last post appears again here, but only in the DD water samples, which is interesting. I wonder what that could be.