Preliminary Results of How Water Effects Organism Development

This is a little backwards because I’m announcing some preliminary results of a project that I haven’t even discussed yet. It’s also a little awkward because I still don’t know what to call this project (at least in a way that would fit in a blog post) and I have even less of a clue what to categorize this project as. With all that said, I say let’s forget all that and just get into what we all came here for:

The results!

I put some tobacco seeds in different water buffers (types of water?). My next post will explain all this, but the short is I have seeds in tap water, filtered 18MΩ (deionized water), and deuterium depleted water (water contains H_{2}O, but it also contains a hydrogen isotope called Deuterium that can form D_{2}O). The lab has been working with D_{2}O a lot and found (along with research done in the 1930’s) that life is greatly hindered under pure D_{2}O. So Koch has been thinking that life evolved to find a use for D_{2}O. The hypothesis is that the seeds won’t grow as fast in water that has no D_{2}O compared to regular water. Let’s see what happened in the first trial of this experiment.

Now remember these are preliminary results so I don’t want to make claims that aren’t accurate, but it appears that the roots have sprouted tiny offshoots in the Deuterium Depleted water (DD water). The other option is that it is mold, I’m not sure. Hopefully this will be more clear in a few days.